Friday, August 24, 2012

Hairnet RoundUp 08.24.12

It's been a busy two weeks for the Hairnet Watchers. We have had sightings in hallways, elevators and parking garages. However, I must initiate a new Watcher into the ranks. This week my Mom spotted her first Hairnet. At first, she was afraid to speak out. This is not unusual. But watchers remember – We are stronger when we use our words! After much support from family and friends, Mom finally told her tale.

She was walking from the grocery to her favorite Chinese restaurant to pick up Dad's General Tso chicken and her Sweet and Sour tofu when she spotted a suspicious blob lying on the sidewalk. She was unnerved but curious. Keeping our instruction in mind, she approached WITH CAUTION. The Hairnet was pressed against the brick wall of the strip mall, casually loitering. Making a wide berth, Mom made the trip around the Net, giving it a withering look as she passed.

Sadly, there are no photos of Mom's first spotting. Mom and Dad's cell phone is one of the oldest models out there and Dad just can't handle wearing the satellite dish on his head for the length of time it takes to transmit a photo. Thankfully, a kind police officer was there to document the incident. Below is the police sketch:

Artist's Rendering: Hairnet of medium weave. Believed to be capable of holding in baby-fine to coarsely curly hair.

In less dramatic but no less important news – A rather large Net was spotted riding the elevator in the South Tower of my place of employment. Nice job on the photos Mel. I also spotted one on the slip mat as I exited the elevator in our parking garage. These parking lot Nets are becoming rather routine and I am beginning to suspect that they may be part of a transitional program. 

Approach with Caution!
Leave this close up Photography to the professionals please.

That completes this edition of RoundUp. Keep those eyes open people. Weirdness is all around us and once you start seeing Hairnets, you can't stop!

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