Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Give the People What They Want

This blogging thing is cracking me up. It seems that Google – who sponsors blogspot – provides several ways to track viewership. This is a luxury I didn't have on the old site. And as a result, I have become obsessed with the weirdness of my viewership.
I have readers, not only in the United States, but also in Canada and Germany – I know who you are! Much to my delight, I also have readers in Russia! I do not know anyone in Russia. I do have a nephew in The Republic of Georgia, but they are quick to point out, they ARE NOT RUSSIA.

This blog is public. So far, I have not been asked to advertise anywhere and the only links I send out are to Facebook and Twitter. Yet, somehow, a handful of sites have found me and it seems they like me (they really like me!) enough to return and it would appear – add a link to this site. As expected, Facebook is my highest source of traffic. But there are several I have never heard of. I decided to investigate the odd sites and – here is where it gets weird - my second highest referrer is a HUGE PORN SITE! From the looks of the pictures there, not only is it HUGE as in busy, it is also HUGE as in devoted to HUGE!

There are some that would say I was sort of asking for the porn industry endorsement with the title of this blog. To them I respond – Get your minds out of the gutter. There are enough Hairnets there already. I am just happy that the people who go to that particular site find my stuff interesting enough to return to MY site. And lets face it pervs also need to be aware of the everyday weirdness.

So, thank you readers! And as a special thank you to my Pervy readers, my I present...My Neighbors bush:

The rare Brazilian Yew

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