Friday, August 10, 2012

Hairnet RoundUp 08.10.12

Its been a slow week in the Hairnet spotting biz. I did see one particularly soggy Net lying beside a storm drain. However, it was a little too dark for a good photo with the Ipod and frankly, just a little too gross.

A fellow spotter sent out an alert regarding a guerrilla Hairnet attack in her garden in Tennessee. I have come to the conclusion, based on the Tennessee location and the fact that the Hairnet still had a price tag dangling from it that it was most likely lost and looking for the Grand Ole Opry.

Still, seeing Hairnets is not just about...Hairnets. It is about keeping your eyes peeled for the strange and weird things that most people miss in their day to day lives. Be it an eighty year old man riding a bike in a vintage three piece suit or a whole roasted chicken, still in the package, lying by the side of the road. These are the quickly passing sights that take the boringly everyday to great heights of silliness and wonder.

Which brings me to this weeks Hairnet RoundUP photo of awesomeness. Allow me to introduce SQuirrel, the praying gangsta squirrel. SQ lives in the gigantic maple bush at the side of our yard. (A maple bush, for those that have never seen one, is a maple tree which was cut down yet through perseverance and bad pruning managed to continue to grow, sprouting what are now tree trunk sized offshoots from the stump. It serves as sort of a Bedford-Sty housing project for squirrels and other urban animals.)

When he is not harassing the cat, SQ seeks atonement for his various gang related deeds.He says grace before pillaging the bird feeder. He bows his head before imbibing at the bath. Sometimes he just stands around looking innocent, hoping the Animal Control don't come bust him for chewing up the wiring in the attic.

Ladies and Gentlemen: SQuirrel ~

"Man, those ain't my nuts. Those my cousin's nuts. I was just holding them for him."

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