Monday, August 6, 2012

Mean Girls

There is a gang of Mean Girls at my train stop. They stand in a herd with their helmet hair coifs and their jjill business casual. It is junior high, frizzy hair, homemade pantsuit bus ride all over again. One of them must be pretty bright – they have figured out how to wait directly in the spot where the train door opens. And, they have learned that the Blue line originates at our stop thus giving everyone a fair shot at a window seat.

Only they don't take the window seats. They don't even sit together. Each one takes an aisle seat then – in clear defiance of commuter train etiquette – they park their day's supply of purses, lunch bags and totes in the window seat effectively blocking other passengers from sitting next to them.

There is one who exercises her free will and sits in the window seat, parking her bags in the aisle seat. I have witnessed her moving her belongings for other riders. Clearly she is the weakest member.

Easy to cut from the herd...

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