Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Dinner, Deck, Disclosure...

Well, today's post was suppose to be about the first Deck Dinner of Spring.
And while I was actually home in time to fix a quick dinner and it was still light enough to enjoy the outside, it was so windy that you would have thought I was in the ocean on a boat trying to learn a new skill, but really only succeeding in throwing up over the side.*

(Rob has informed me that, should I manage to vomit on this years vacation I will have, in fact, created the Regurgitation equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle. He is thoughtful that way. I do not think the map with push pins and yarn boundaries is necessary.)

But back to the letter D.

Work night dinners are pretty hit or miss around here, as I am sure they are in most working households. Still, when I do fix my dinner I like it to be warm, tasty and look nice.
I have taken a lot of grief over the years from certain family members for having the ability to make even a grilled cheese sandwich look appealing.
Presentation, People.

For my preempted dinner I fixed my new favorite fancy food – Louisa's Ravioli.**
Boiled, mushroom and cheese tossed in a butter and garlic sauce – 10 minutes.
Toasted, meat stuffed with a red sauce to dip – 15 minutes.

That's right. Toasted. The East Coast may have lobster rolls and the West Coast may have...California Rolls. Chicago has steaks. New Orleans has gumbo. But here in the Midwest we have deep fryers.
We tossed some leftover roasted veggies and olives on the side.
And ate in the kitchen, looking out over the deck.

Speaking of Deck...
(That alphabet challenge, which I am feeling pretty psyched about at present, Day two and all)

I, and by 'I' I mean Rob, drug my palm trees out onto the deck over the weekend, mostly because the weatherman promised mild temps but also because Robert Palm tree and Alicia Trees were both looking faint. They manage pretty good through the winter but beginning to droop when April hits, desiring nothing more than a peaceful sunny afternoon on the deck with a magazine and a boat drink.
          (Robert Palm Tree)

Of course, the weatherman reneged and last nights temps got dangerously into the artic circle so both trees got the beach towels around the base treatment. I am pretty sure I heard Robert Palm Tree scratching at our bedroom window, begging to be let back in.
             (Alicia Trees)
Stick around until 'P' and we will all see how this palm tree saga shakes out.

**We are very lucky, here on the Coast of Illinois, to have a strong Italian background with the delicious restaurants and foods to support that claim. Louisa's is a local company and her ravioli is the best, in my opinion. As always, NOT a paid opinion.


  1. Your dinner looks absolutely delish! I would never have guessed it came in a box.

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    Jingle Jangle Jungle

    1. The toasted ravioli are a staple around here - first time trying the boiled but YUM!

  2. The "In the Midwest we have deep fryers" cracked me up. I am going to go looking for both of these in my Southern grocery store and I am hoping they carry them! Toasted ravioli sounds intriguing and looks delicious! Plus being from KY I have my own deep-fryer haha!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hopefully they are. And you don't really need the deep fryer - the toasted ones are pre-cooked and just need a quick bake. Heart Healthy, dontcha know! lol!

  3. I love toasted ravioli. Fingers crossed that our store carries Louisa's brand.

  4. I love your sense of humor! Dinner looks great, never used a deep fryer!

    1. OMG! A deep fryer is a staple of the wedding registry around here!!

  5. Grandma June is me ... June Luvisi (In case you are wondering!)


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