Sunday, April 24, 2016


When did this:

Thong~a rubber or leather foot covering held in place by a strap between the big and second toes; usually worn casually in warm summer months; likely to cause blisters during the first few wearings.

Become this:

Otter is comfortable with his sexuality. But not his undergarments.
Thong~a fabric undergarment providing minimal coverage, held in place by a strap between, cheeks. Can be worn year long although remains startling to be seen in public.

Thank goodness there have been no reports of blisters.

Continuing with the A to Z challenge. I have nearly made it, people! Only six more letters to go!!


  1. So true Laura - When the kids were old enough to wear "flip flops" i called them "thongs" once. My kids made fun of me. My parents called them "go aheads". Have you every heard that name?

    1. I have never heard of 'go-aheads'! I do get looks when I use the T word rather than flip-flops. I guess it is our 'old people' crutch to bear!!

  2. Good job Laura! Loved this...

  3. It's just a guess here, but I am thinking it has to do with the V of the shoe looking like the V of the material, that is how they both ended up being called the 'thong'.

    #AtoZChallenge T is for Tina Turner


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