Friday, April 8, 2016

Gilda, Gellhorn and Me

In the word association game that has become my A-Z challenge go to, when I got to 'G' my mind went immediately to Gilda Radner.

And then it went to Guidance Counselor.

And WHY didn't MY Guidance Counselor tell me about jobs in Comedienne?

Or New York Single Gal who Writes and Looks Fabulous?


He didn't even suggest Barrista. Although to be fair, I am not sure those existed back in the mid-70's. At least not in the Midwest.

All I wanted was to be a world-traveling, adventure journalist. 
As I recall, my guidance counselor didn't suggest much of anything past college prep. I still have the distinct impression that this guy felt the best he could achieve with me was a solid two years of state college followed by marriage to a middle class, employed guy who would relocate to a different school district so he, the counselor, wouldn't have to deal with MY offspring and their ridiculous career goals.

Lucky for you, Mr. Davis, that I had not heard of Martha Gellhorn .

Ah Martha – writer, journalist, war correspondent, contemporary/colleague/lover of Hemingway. And all while looking awesomely 1940's chic. 

I didn't discover Martha Gellhorn or learn of her amazing life until recently. 

Had I had Gellhorn in my fantasy life all bets would have been off. She was the real deal and just the push my less than brave teen/twenty-something brain needed.

Actually, as I am writing this post, I have realized something. I actually am somewhat of an adventurer. I do write. And I married a guy with a mustache...not unlike Hemingway's.
Plus, I look fabulous in a trench coat.

Well played, Guidance Counselor. Well played.

(Me, pre Gelhorn, circa 1986, in Grindlewald Switzerland. The beginning of my true adventures.)

To learn more about Gellhorn (from St. Louis!) click here:


  1. Wonderful! I'm really enjoying your word associations.

  2. My tiny high school had a terrible guidance department. My senior year the state university system announced a moratorium on acceptances after January 1st because of budget concerns. Our guidance department forgot to send in a whole batch of student applications before the moratorium. Those students were out of luck. Fortunately things improved a month or two later and late applications were accepted for review. Also, I loved Gilda!


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