Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Life. Exaggerated.

I am going to share something here which I haven't really expressed aloud to anyone. 
I am slightly obsessed with everyday sounds. 
Not birds chirping or kids laughing or the clunk if the trash truck as pulls the cable wire off the side of our house on its rumbly drive down our street. 
I am obsessed with the sounds of everyday tasks - the exaggerated sounds you notice in movies or TV shows- the crumpled of a paper bag, the swish of a page being turned, the click of a knife on a cutting board. 
There are times when, left alone in the house, I will purposely listen as I do my everyday chores for just one of those sounds to come into uber-sharp auditory focus. 
I wish I could explain why I love those sounds so much. There is something familiar and comforting to them. I feel connected to anyone else in the world who might, at any given moment, noticed the chink of one plate against the other as they did the morning dishes, or casually turned a newspaper page. 
But my absolute favorite exaggerated sound is the sound of coffee being poured into a cup. On the big or little screen the coffee is usually flowing into a slightly Greek looking blue paper cup or a white China mug.
My favorite oddball show is Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Crackle). Sure the interviews are fun and interesting, the scenery is beautiful and the cars are...spectacular. But the very best part  is the coffee. Shots of coffee dripping from a brewer and pouring into mugs, espresso shushing into a cup, milk frothing and then gliding into a cappuccino-over and over these segue between scenes.
My husband calls it my caffeine porn. 
But it is something more...holy. 
Putting this everyday task under the microscope of a camera lense just reaffirms to me the significance of regular everyday things. 
Seeking them out in my everyday reminds me that even the most insignificant task can have an ethereal quality. 
Of course, I couldn't just leave you with the thought. Plus, I just discovered the slo-mo button on my phone so allow me to present: Cup 'o Joe, slo-mo!
(E-for Exagerated. Day 5, alphabet challenge.) 
And from my sister- can you tell the difference between Hot and Cold?


  1. I love exaggerated sounds, unless I am home alone and it's late at night. Then all bets are off!

    #AtoZChallenge E is for Elle

  2. I can't say that I notice these sounds in real life but I'm fascinated by how they create the sound effects in movies.

    1. I watched something not too long ago on a man who collects things just for sound application in movies. It was very interesting. I am sure that my obsession with these sounds has to do with the sound overload I am subject to at work. I crave total silence some days.


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