Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It all Goes Back To Quest

This month long A to Z writing challenge has caused me to do a whole lot of soul searching, panning my psyche for long lost tidbits that fit those letters who refuse to cooperate. And during this quest I have come to the realization that EVERYTHING in my life originated from one place.

Jonny Quest. 

Yes. My entire life has been influenced by a cartoon from the 1960's.

The cartoon aired from 1964-65, then in reruns for years. (They attempted to bring it back twice but I am not even going there. Leave well enough alone cartoon execs!) I watched every Saturday. But only after chores were done. We had a brief window of morning cartoon watching before chores.

To this day, I have a really difficult time doing anything fun until my work is done.

As I recall, Jonny Quest aired later in the morning, usually close to lunch time. I have very strong recollections of sitting behind a TV tray, eating my tomato soup and grilled cheese in the little room off the kitchen and watching Jonny Quest. The stories revolved around motherless Jonny, his Dad, super scientist Benton Quest, Race Bannon, body guard and cool guy and Hadji, orphaned Calcutta street mystic adopted by Dr. Quest.

I loved Hadji. I was a ten year old girl who wanted nothing more than to be an Indian street orphan with mystical powers. He kept that wienie Jonny in line. He helped Race save the doctor. He was wise. He got the laughs.
Hadji would be the determined looking one in the turban.
Which, according to my husband, is the reason I seem to only be able to learn adventure skills from people with accents:
Snow Skiing – scary Swiss guy named Hans
Sailing – Tough but kind Englishman named Toddy
SCUBA – a tiny Englishwoman...if only it had been a Spanish guy...

But while I loved Hadji, I wasn't 'in love' with him.
This is an important distinction.
(I was 'in love' with Jimmy from HR Puffenstuff.) 
Jimmy would be the one in the awesome maroon bell bottoms. Oh, and the only HUMAN in this ridiculous, acid induced nightmare.
I learned to love the idea of adventure and exotic locales from those episodes of Jonny Quest. I would run all around the yard, pretending I was Hadji. Saving Jonny. Assisting Race in elaborate schemes. Until I met Jade.
She even has dark hair.
Jade was Race's girlfriend. I don't remember her being in many episodes but after a little research I learned that her special skill was the ability to 'learn exactly who a man was by kissing him'.

And that explains everything else....


  1. Uh oh.
    Puffenstuff? Quest??
    You have derailed this woman's morning and I plan to enjoy it and travel back down memory lane :-)

    1. I know, right? I just want to curl up in my jammies, eat cinnamon toast and watch cartoons!

  2. Great read, brought me back down memory lane!

  3. Ok, I get the Jonny Quest! One of the coolest! Never liked that dog bandit? Wasnt crazy about Hadjai. But tolerated him. HR Puffenstuff? Really Laura? The high waters that kid used to wear? Never liked the Sid and Marty Croft. Let me guess, did you like Land of the Lost? Probably the worst special effects, but charming! Now that I think about it, Jonny Q was whinny!

  4. This dumbass remembers watching Flintstones, Jetsons, Groovy Goolies, Scooby Doo, Jonny Quest, Speed Racer, Astroboy, Ultraman and so many others. We had Captain Tugg and Captain 20 as hosts. Flinstones were probably my favorite...Heart throbs for me was the chick on New Zoo Revue with her mini dresses!


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