Thursday, April 21, 2016

Recurring Thought

WARNING! This post contains childish adult language. 
Suck it!

I have had a recurring thought today. 

Recurring. Obsessive. 
Potato- whatever. 

After work tried to KILL me and my spirit and the universe tried to ruin my perfect A to Z challenge...
My thought was this: why are there no curse words beginning with the letter 'R'?

After one extensive 90 second search it turns out there are 3! According  to Although I really consider one of them more of a slur...

So rimshot this, you renob universe! 
It's still Thursday and technically this includes the letter 'R'. 

Flying Diety concurs.


  1. Ugh. Hope Friday's an improvement!

    1. Thanks! It was as if Darwin and the weirdest weirdo you can think of had a child - that was my Wednesday/Thursday!! It can only get better.

  2. The weekend is almost here... Just grin and bare it! or bear it (I prefer bare... LOL)

    #AtoZChallenge S is for Streisand

    1. Lol!! Naked Friday!!! I will make everyone suffer!!


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