Thursday, April 28, 2016

X Has Been Solved

I was going to go all 'Seinfeld' on the letter 'X'.
You know, "what's the deal with 'X'? All the words that sound like they start with 'X' really start with 'E'. And the words that really begin with 'X' sound like they start with 'Z'. What's up with that? Is 'X' the most lazy letter in the alphabet? Or the most mysterious? It's like the World's Most Interesting Man...if Man were a letter..."

But then Kramer burst in and reminded me that I actually do have an 'X' story.

See this?

It's a Marching Band Xylophone.
Aka Bells and for the uber fancy, a glockenspiel.
And I played one.
One time.
In 6th grade.
Because I was the only kid in the class who could read music, play the piano and was dumb enough to think that a 90 pound girl would have fun carrying a 150 pound all metal instrument back and forth to school on a bus.
That last one may have been the desperate band director's thought.
It certainly didn't have anything to do with wanting to look cute and attract 6th grade boys.

Thank heaven my parents weren't those 'you signed up for it, you have to finish it' sort of parents.
But they were the 'don't attract cute boys' sort of parents...


I think I have figured out their evil plan...

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