Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Yes I AM a Pirate

have sailed their oceans.

Fine, Destin Bay leading into Santa Rosa Sound. But it is my boat and I didn't puke here.

I have walked their sandy beaches.

 Fort Recovery, Tortola. This is part of the Dutch fort where pirate Jean LaFitte took refuge. 200 years or so too late but still impressive.

I have had a parrot.

Paper Machie, but no less fiesty.

I have partied with some of the best.
Welcome to Pirate Night-Iberostar Grand Rose Hall, Montego Bay
The Pirate Bubbles and defecting Parrot Angelique.
The Dread Pirates Rob and Storm.

We are a band to be reckoned with!

200 plus years too late, but I have heard Mother Ocean call to me. And her message is this: Enjoy and take care of one another. And if you have one more bonfire on my beach you had better clean up the mess.

(Pictures are from my various adventures. Pirate Night at Iberostar is such fun, with artisans, dancers and a whole lot of fire! Fort Recovery, Tortola is an unbelievably beautiful piece of history. Destin Bay is still one of my favorite places. And that traitor Parrot hasn't been seen or heard from since!)
*I borrowed profusely from the Jimmy Buffet song A Pirate Looks at Forty. Giving credit where it's due but not asking permission. Because...PIRATE!


  1. Awesome. Looking forward to the letter ARRRRRR!

    Hope your parrot's having fun, wherever she is.

  2. Love the new Gieco Pirate commercial with the echoing parrot! Funny stuff! Wow you indeed went to pirate territory! Pirates were big off the Carolina coasts to. Occocrock Island is full of pirate tales! Pirates have been romantized much, but they were some really bad dudes! During the Civil War, Pirates were pretty active.


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