Monday, April 18, 2016


To borrow from that 21st Century pop culture icon, George Takei~
'Oh my...'
Once again I convinced myself I would work ahead. 
Once again I did not.
I did have a marvelous weekend-
 A visit to the Missouri History Museum to see the Little Black Dress exhibit. 
(Those mourning dresses!!)
Deck time complete with good book. 
Dinner with family. 
Obviously I thought a lot about writing ahead. But honestly, unless I am putting together something with multiple links, I find it nearly impossible to put posts together in advance.
My thought process just doesn't allow it, 
Just thinking about this post involved a review of the Origins of this blog ( and a mental discussion of what constitutes an Original thought. 
With a side trip down the "who said there is nothing new under the sun?" 
"I think it may have been Shakespeare."
"Yea. He said everything." 
"You could look it up."
"I know. But ugh." 
(Turns out it was some guy named King James. ~ from Ecclesiastes 1:9.)
(That Shakespeare was a hack.)
Of course when I tried to officially look it up auto-correct typed in Shakie's Pizza Parlor which is no where near Shakespeare. But they did have a really great Canadian Bacon and sauerkraut pizza.
So here I am. 
Monday morning, faced with the letter 'O'.
Oh my.

           Ole Man River
This is the Coast of Illinois.

(As always, this is not a sponsored post. Not by the history museum, or hairnets, or Shakespeare, or those guys who wrote the Bible or even Shakie's Pizza.  I hope George Takei would approve.)


  1. Thanks Bonnie! I really wasn't sure I was going to get this one up!

  2. Oh Yeah, OK! No Canadian Bacon and Sauerkraut pizza but olive oil ice -cream or blue cheese ice-cream, oh NO!

    1. I admit-the saurkraut sounds awful but there is something about the salty-sour flavor with tomato sauce... I have never tried your ice cream flavors, but I think I would like them!!


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